Thus, our team suggested new innovative approach, which represents the combination of roasted coffee wastes (the solid residue emerged during the treatment of coffee with hot water or steam) and different bio-fertilizer microbes for increasing the fertility of the soil, the quantity and quality of the crop, the resistance of plants to cold, drought, pests and diseases. The innovation is the waste treatment technology and the usage of specific biofertilizer microbes isolated from different regions of Armenia.

Coffee waste itself may be used as a fertilizer, but microbes make it even more effective because they synthesize all nutrients and growth stimulating components for plants. Besides, microbes can stay in a soil for a long and thus provide long-time solutions.  By this technology we reuse the coffee waste and thus reduce the price for biofertilizers.  These coffee wastes can be found in every coffee shop, in households, in simple coffee machines, it is worth to note that during preparation of coffee (americano or espresso) more than 50% waste is generated. Our aim is to make treatment technology as simple as possible by making it more accessible and available for farmers, for households and everyone. In other word they will be able to make their own fertilizer from coffee waste generated in everyday life and will obtain only the bacterial mixtures for finalizing and usage.

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